Bank Card Skimming

Bank Card Skimming

Protect what is yours

Criminals are able to illegally copy information stored on the magnetic strip (black strip) at the back of your bank card, and make use of the information to steal your money.

Tips on transacting at ATM and point of sale devices (POS)

Green arrow Bank cards can be skimmed at ATMs as well as at any Point of Sale Device (POS)

Green arrow Inspect the ATM for any tampering or foreign objects

Green arrow Your PIN is your personal key to secure banking

Green arrow Memorise your PIN, never write it down or share it with anyone

Green arrow Choose a PIN that will not be easily deduced

Green arrow When using an ATM or POS device, cover the keypad with your unused hand and enter your PIN

Green arrow Change your PIN code frequently

Green arrow Never let your card out of your sight

Green arrow Request that the POS Device be brought to you or you must go to the POS Device with your card

Green arrow Subscribe to your Bank's SMS notification services

Green arrow Guard against being distracted or being offered help whilst making use of the ATM or POS Device


Related Criminal Offences

Green arrow The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act. 25 of 2002 (Section 85 and 86)

Green arrow The Customs and Excise Act. 91 of 1964 (Section 15 (1 ) and 476 (a) read with Section 80 (1) (a) and 83 (b))

Green arrow RICA Sec 45 read with Sec 1 and 51 of the Regulations of Interceptions Communications Act 70 of 2002

Green arrow Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998 (POCA)

Green arrow ldentification Act 68 of 1997

Green arrow Fraud

Green arrow Theft

Green arrow Aiding and Abetting

Green arrow Possession of Suspected Stolen Property

Green arrow Conspiracy to commit fraud

Green arrow Forgery and Uttering