Opening a Postbank account

Opening a Postbank account

What do I need to open a Postbank account?

To open a Postbank account, you will need a valid South African ID book and a proof of residence (physical address) in your name, not older than three (3) months to meet the Fica regulations.

A deposit is required to open an account. You can browse our Products section to get details on opening deposits required if any.

Where do I go to open a Postbank account?

You can open a Postbank account at any Post Office retail branch countrywide. To find a branch close to you please use our branch locator.

When opening an account with Postbank, there are basically two documents that are used to verify your identity:

Firstly you need a valid identification document (ID). Foreign nationals would need to produce their valid passport or Travel document, accompanied by a VISA or any type of valid permit. Please contact your nearest Post Office retail branch for a list of alternative identity documents that are acceptable and requirements thereof.

Secondly, you may be required to provide proof of your residential address or any utility bill which must be addressed to you, reflect the residential address and must not be older than 3 months. This is in line with the Postbank regulations with Fica.