Generic Banking Fees

Generic Banking Fees

Fees with effect from 1st Apri 2017:

Manual External Transfer Initiation Fee
(Transfers above R100,000.00)

R 30.00

Transaction slip search fee for enquiries

R 24.00

Credit (Order): Internal Transfer


Rejected Credit Order due to insufficient funds (Internal)

R 10.50

Credit Order : External Transfer (ACB):

R 5.50

Debit Order : External Transfer

R 5.00

Admin fee for handling of Estate Cases

R 58.00

Recall fees (Internal)

R 70.00

Recall fees (External)

R 80.00

Full statement per year on closed accounts

R 13.00

Internet Banking Fees


Fixed monthly fee


Funds transfer (Internal)


Payments: Bill Payment/Beneficiary payment/Interbank transfer

R 5.50

Notification: SMS