Pension Flexi Card Fees

Pension Flexi Card Fees


Account opening fee


Minimum opening deposit

R 0.00

Minimum account balance

R 0.00

Cash deposit branch

R 2.00 up to R199.99, thereafter an additional R1.70 per R100.00 or part thereof above R199.99.

Deposits (cheque)


Dishoured cheque

R 64.10

Special clearance of cheque deposits

R 71.40

Cash withdrawal at Branch

R 12.50

Cheque withdrawals (Branch)
Repayment from unclaimed funds

Withdrawals (cheque)

R 35.20

Repayment of Unclaimed Funds

R 72.50

Monthly service/ledger fee

R 2.70

Replacement card

Lost Card Replacement


Full Statement (counter)

R 8.10

Full statement (mailed on request)

R 10.00

Mini statement or balance enquiry at branch

Mini statements and balance enquiries (Branch)


Account Dormancy fee

R 17.20

Point of Sale Purchase

R 2.20

Purchase and Cash back

R 2.50

Declined purchase - any customer related reason

Cash Back only

R 2.70

Declined Purchase - Any reason

R 5.60

International Debit Card Fee (POS)in the *RCMA only

R 10.00 + 2% of transaction value

International Debit Card Fee ( ATM) in the *RCMA only

R 15.00 + 2% of transaction value

International Debit Card Declined Fee

R 5.60

Saswitch Fees:

Cash withdrawals

R 7.30 below R100.00 thereafter an additional R1.50 per R100.00 and above .

Balance enquiry: ATM

R 3.70

Rejected transactions: ATM

R 5.60

Rejected transactions: Card swallowed

R 7.10

Cell phone Balance enquiry

No banking fee. R1.00 will be charged by your mobile service provider for the cost of the sms.

Interest with effect from 21 July 2017:

0.00 - 50 000 plus


Pension Flexi Saswitch fees are only applicable if the ATM’s of the four major banks are used: that is ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard bank. If any other bank ATM is used, Flexi Card Saswitch fees will be levied.

Account Balance may not exceed R25 000.00 at any time.

Payments and withdrawals from the account are limited to a maximum of R5 000.00 per day and R25 000.00 per month

Pension Flexi Cards can be used in South Africa and the Rand Common Monetary Areas only such as Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana.